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Grid Tester

What does it do?

The Nordex Grid Tester is a portable data logging and analysis system. This system logs data from 54 channels simultaneously at 1k sample per channel, per second. The data is analysed on the fly, and a range of power analysis calculations are performed.

The benefits:

The advantages of the Nordex system are that it is a single piece of equipment rather than multiple instruments, which substantially reduces transport costs, set up time, and costs relating to the systems operation.

The exterior of the case is extremely robust and is flight portable, so the system can be flown to the Engineer at a moment’s notice without the safety issues relating to regular equipment.

The software allows preconfigured profiles to be called up and executed to, again, reduce set up costs and eliminate errors in test set up.

The software also generates a test report at the end of each test, which saves time compared to previous systems, as formerly all the data was gathered and analysed off site.

The system logs locally to the cRIO’s internal memory, so even if the laptop fails halfway through a test, no data is lost.