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Bespoke automated test equipment for a wide range of devices, applications, and industries. 

Developing high-performance, real-time, high-fidelity automated test equipment for demanding applications is how we established our reputation for quality, and continues to be a cornerstone of our services.

From a simple data logger to high-speed complex test cells, we design and build bespoke automated test equipment for a wide range of units under test and industries. 

Our expertise in mechanical and electrical design, software development, and integration ensures we are able to support your requirements, regardless of the scale or scope.


We develop bespoke automated test equipment for every stage of the product lifecycle, from development, and validation through to end-of-line and field-based testing.



Verification & Validation

Control and Data Acquisition Rack, side panel removed


Example End-of-line Test Rig 2

Remote & Field Testing


As product complexity increases, our automated test equipment provides a number of key advantages for product development and quality assurance:

  • Efficiency and Speed
    Accelerate the new product introduction testing process, allowing for more test iterations in less time; crucial for rapid development cycles. Run multiple tests in parallel, allowing for quicker execution of tests across different configurations.
  • Consistency and Accuracy 
    Perform the same steps and checks consistently every time they are executed; eliminate human errors and ensure accurate and reliable results.
  • Reusability 
    Once created automated tests can be reused across different test cycles, projects, and environments, saving time and effort by not having to recreate tests from scratch for every release.
  • Wider Test Coverage
    Cover a broader range of scenarios, edge cases, and configurations to ensure improved test coverage and better identification of defects.
  • Early Bug Detection 
    Identify bugs early in the development cycle, reducing the cost of fixing issues that would be more expensive to address later.
  • Resource Savings 
    Minimise resources and operating expenses by reducing the need for manual testing efforts. Maximise utilisation with wider operating envelopes, modular configurations, and third-party integration. 
  • Improved Safety
    Automated control including integrated safety features, alarms, and limits, reduces potential hazards and improves the safety of personnel and assets.
  • Documentation and Reporting 
    Detailed logs and reports provide transparent audit documentation of the testing process, and make it easier to identify and analyse issues,
  • Scalability 
    Automated tests can be easily scaled up to handle larger test suites without a proportional increase in resources.
  • Improved Collaboration 
    Automated test scripts can be shared among team members, promoting best practices, better collaboration, and knowledge sharing within the development and QA teams.
  • Simulation 
    Deploy multiple complex high-speed deterministic models to simulate interactions with users, systems, and the environment in order to accelerate your product development and provide accurate and consistent test results. 
  • Complex Test Scenarios 
    Manage complex test scenarios that would otherwise be challenging to execute precisely and consistently.

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