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JavaScript Development

This powerful, object-oriented computer language can bring your multi-platform device applications to life.ons to life.

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Originally a scripting language developed by Netscape, JavaScript is an object-oriented computer language primarily used on the web to build rich applications beyond the scope of traditional HTML and CSS websites.

Today, JavaScript goes way beyond its initial intentions implemented by Netscape 20 years ago. It was standardised in 1997 by Ecma International, which gave developers the ECMAScript now used. From here, support went from the browser onto other environments with the help of emerging technologies like Node.js and Ionic.

Where can it be used?

According to Google, there has been a sharp incline for JavaScript based applications over the past decade which can be attributed to the push away from the web by developers keen to test its limits.

It was once just used to add functionality to websites, but now can be seen as a multi-tool able to:

  • Create servers and manage APIs
  • Run desktop/terminal based automation tasks
  • Build hybrid applications on mobile devices and tablets

…and much more.

The rise of JavaScript UI Frameworks like Angular, Backbone, Ember and React allow developers to safely migrate business logic into the browser and gave rise to the single-page applications (SPAs) trend used today. The emergence of SPAs meant web applications were now capable of asynchronously retrieving data, parsing it and then updating the UI accordingly, all without a page refresh.

Beyond the realm of the browser, it continues to prosper on mobile devices and tablets thanks to frameworks like Ionic and React NativeLarge organisations with strong teams behind them, including Google and Facebook, have an active role in developing these frameworks.

Adding value to your projects

JavaScript allows our team to work across multiple platforms, to take the code from one place (the web) and transfer it to another (eg mobile devices), all without having to re-write the code.

Being able to standardise your application, manage it from within a single repository, and make it powerful enough to be run on the latest iPhone (not just the browser) gives you the ability to quickly update your application on all platforms without having to hire multiple developers to cater for each supported platform that you have to meet.

JavaScript is ever-evolving. It is a language that is capable of becoming a universal development tool as it integrates nicely alongside other web-based languages such as PHP and .NET.

Case Study: Verv


Whilst developing Verv, our team built the application using JavaScript to take advantage of the power of Cordova and Ionic. We were able to go from creating a simple web app to having the application able to run not only on the browser but also Android, iOS, Windows OS and a plethora of other mobile-based operating systems in just a few hours.

Quickly prototyping an application with a language that is powerful enough to handle fast, real-time updates and then run it on the majority of modern devices is beyond many languages. JavaScript allowed us to create an all-in-one platform. Managing the application is easy and device-wide updates are fast to implement.

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