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NI VeriStand is a software environment developed by National Instruments for configuring real-time testing applications.

VeriStand as is a powerful tool for hardware-in-the-loop (HIL) and real-time test applications. It interfaces well with many types of hardware including cameras, servos, and solenoids.

Traditionally used in the Automotive market, the flexible, yet real-time nature of VeriStand’s framework can easily be adapted for other applications. However, often we encounter clients wishing to take advantage of VeriStand’s capabilities but struggling to configure it to perform all the functionality required by their project. By accessing the low level .NET API that VeriStand is built upon, we can provide the hooks and extra functionality you require, specific to your individual needs.

National Instruments VeriStand logoNI VeriStand is a software environment for configuring real-time testing applications. Out of the box, NI VeriStand helps you configure a multicore-ready real-time engine to execute tasks such as real-time stimulus generation, data acquisition for high-speed and conditioned measurements, and calculated channels and custom channel scaling. NI VeriStand can also import control algorithms, simulation models, and other tasks from NI LabVIEW software and third-party environments. You can monitor and interact with these tasks using a run-time editable user interface that includes tools for value forcing, alarm monitoring, I/O calibration, and stimulus profile editing. Although no programming knowledge is required to use NI VeriStand, you can customise and extend it with a variety of software environments such as LabVIEW, ANSI C/C++, and others for modelling and programming.

National Instruments, 2014

We can support you to optimise VeriStand inline with your project requirements:

  • FPGA customisation
  • High speed streaming
  • Custom device creation
  • Real-time logging
  • System definition file (XML) automatic creation
  • Model creation or integration using models created in external applications
  • Custom user interfaces, alongside or instead of standard configurable UI
  • Streamlining deployment and use to a single application
  • Expertise in macro recording/playback and conversion into stimulus profiles and real-time sequences
  • Custom scaling, alarming and error reporting
  • Flexible user access layers
  • Working with partners

Austin Consultants were able to provide a great kickstart to VeriStand project. As we were new to the software they provided onsite support to help overcome installation issues and integrate our target platform much quicker than we could have achieved using NI/Mathworks tech support. I consider it a great investment.
Very professional and a pleasure to work with they are keen to remain engaged in progress and seem to genuinely care that we succeed.

Richard Flower

Lead Electrical Engineer, Bladon Jets

Adding value to your VeriStand project

We can support you to get optimal performance for your project.

  • Initial project setup – the startup process for VeriStand can be daunting, especially a VeriStand engine running on real-time hardware. We can support you through this stage.
  • Automated project configuration – as projects and IO requirements grow, the tree (XML based) definition becomes difficult to manage manually. We have experience of successful automated project configuration (including all IO via FPGA configuration files, multiple models, alarms etc) from an Excel sheet straight to the VeriStand XML configuration file.
  • FPGA customisation – we can support you from purely channel definition FPGA code and its associated configuration files (using standard VeriStand controlled DMA channels), right through to custom FPGA implementations that require integration via custom devices.
  • Custom devices – we can support your project integration requirements and have experience deploying Modbus and CANopen.
  • Model partners – we are able to support your cross-platform compatibility requirements. We have developed a number of Simulink/VeriStand compatible DLLs via Real-Time Workbench (part of MATLAB) and successfully deployed them in project code.
  • Custom user interfaces – VeriStand has a very flexible and “on-the-fly” configurable user interface, but there is a limited and fairly plain set of components that can be added. We are able to create new, visually appealing components with custom or generic functionality. We can create completely customised UIs, complete with your company branding, that can transform or enhance the user experience.
  • In depth knowledge of TestStand – this provides expert insight into the use of the real-time sequences and test sequencing capabilities, plus the integration with databases, source control and other tools like Diadem.
  • Experience – our many years worth of experience with all types of IO using the full range and capability of NI kit and beyond means we are able to provide outstanding support.

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