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Consultancy & Design

Supporting organisations to redefine test strategies and engineering solutions for increasingly complex manufacturing and R&D requirements.

We advise on successful engineering design, test strategies, and pragmatic implementation roadmaps that deliver return on investment, exploit technical best practice, reduce risk and timescales, and mitigate the chance of program failure.

Whether you are looking to commission a complete turnkey solution or just looking for support with one particular aspect of your project or product lifecycle, our outsourced services allow you to: liberate or redeploy resource, accelerate progress, realise efficiencies, and achieve your engineering and business goals.

We can support you with:

  • Test strategy
  • Project strategy
  • Stakeholder engagement & business case modelling
  • System design
  • Design review
  • Software & hardware selection
  • Software & hardware support and development
  • Project management
  • Project completion
  • Verification, testing and code review

I would highly recommend Austin Consultants. From the inception of the project to completion they performed an extremely high standard of customer service and knowledge. It has been an absolute pleasure working with them and would highly recommend their services.

Matt Dechamps

Director, Frequencia Ltd

Strategy iconStrategy

Successful test strategy has a direct impact on successful project outcomes.  We can support you to redefine your test strategies and solutions for increasingly complex manufacturing and R&D requirements.

Whether reviewing your existing strategy or developing a new test strategy, our unbiased consultancy allows you to leverage our combined and comprehensive experience of best practice, technology and software, over a wide range of applications and industries. This ensures your test strategy will deliver maximum engineering and business benefits.

Occasionally, a project fails to gain traction due to a lack of perceived benefits and alignment with overarching manufacturing or business strategy. We are able to support you to overcome these hurdles through stakeholder engagement and business case modelling; driving better business outcomes by creating effective solutions and systems throughout the product or project life cycle.

Software screen shot

LabVIEW software designSystem design & review

Researching and understanding the most appropriate software and hardware to implement for your specific project needs can be time-consuming. With our experience and in-depth knowledge, across a wide range of programming languages and hardware vendors, we can shorten specification timescales and mitigate the risk involved in making a selection.
We can join your project at the design stage and advise on the best route forward for your proposed system in terms of appropriate hardware and software to use. We can help you create the specification for your system and assist in developing a requirements document for hardware and software, as well as a testing strategy for your project.

Project Management iconProject management

With our history of providing large software and hardware systems to our clients, we are able to bridge the gap between stakeholders, project owners, users, and the engineering team to ensure that resource plans, budget information, and timescales are not only shared regularly, but are also used to bring projects to a completion on time and within budget.
Our software architects are able to liaise with development teams on a technical level to ensure that project timescales and requirements are realistic and that the technical solution is efficient in its development.  Architects also have substantial project management experience and are effective in communicating project needs and updates to stakeholders on a non-technical level to ensure all parties have a realistic and transparent overview of the project.

Austin Consultants have been incredibly helpful in assisting us with modifying software and integrating this into a new test rig.

Dave McGuire

R&D Project Engineer, UTC Aerospace Systems

abVIEW verification testing and code reviewVerification, testing & code review

An independent review of a software and/or hardware system is an effective method to verify the software and its tasks, and to ensure functionality has been completed as required. One of our expert consultants will put together a verification plan for you, carry out a code review, and provide feedback on software style, architecture, performance, and scalability to help you ensure that your system is robust and efficient.

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