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Select a solution delivered by deep end-to-end expertise within every aspect.

​Companies searching for their next automated environmental test system now have the option to select a solution delivered by deep end-to-end expertise within every aspect.

With extensive experience in system design, development and integration, Austin Consultants Ltd, Arctest Oy and Ouda Oy. have formed an alliance to deliver an industry-leading service. 

By taking a holistic coordinated approach, our partnership is able to deliver a flexible and adaptable solution that removes many of the pain points in deploying a new environmental test system; reducing the time to test and total cost of ownership, and improving return on investment.

Leverage the in-depth technical knowledge that each organization provides with the reassurance that there is only one point of contact for project management and no need to negotiate with multiple suppliers.

  • Deep end-to-end technical expertise
  • Flexible adaptable systems
  • Efficient seamless delivery
  • Coordinated services
  • Improved time to test
  • Lower total cost of ownership
  • Future-proof solution
  • Quick and easy to deploy, configure and replicate.
  • Faster development times with automation and collaboration.
  • Open platform for greater modularity, flexibility, model integration and custom sensors.
  • Adaptable to rapidly accommodate changing/future requirements
  • Proven expertise.
Environmental test systems

Bespoke Solutions in Environmental Testing

With over 35 years of experience in cooling and heating technology, Arctest specializes in developing climate and temperature test chambers, mobile solutions and vibration test systems. We provide bespoke flexible solutions for environmental testing including a wide range of shapes, sizes and performance.


Test Automation, Safety System Design and Integration

Austin Consultants provides automated test systems for the most demanding applications.  Our test platforms are adaptable, user-configurable, and provide integrated safety features, model deployment, test creation and powerful scripting.

The EVolution Test System is an extensible automation platform for testing EV components or full powertrain.  It delivers increased ROI and a lower total cost of ownership.


Test Facility Design and Project Management

Based on many years of experience delivering demanding EV testing and battery development projects, Ouda provides consulting and engineering services including project management, site management, instrumentation, and battery expertise.

EVolution Test Automation Platform

  • Comprehensive test cell control and data acquisition
  • A configurable, adaptable platform for deterministic real-time testing
  • Open Extensible Architecture
  • User Configurable 
  • Intuitive Sequencing & Scripting 
  • Integrated Safety
  • Increase Return on investment
  • Lower Total cost of ownership
EVolution - EV Test System - Austin Consultants
Environmental Test Room

Environmental Test Rooms and Cabinets

  • Design, Engineering, Manufacture and Assembly
  • Training, Maintenance and Service
  • Test rooms integrated in containers
  • 10, 20, 30, 40, feet units or built on trailer chassis
  • Test rooms and Cabinets
  • Range of shapes, sizes and performance
  • Climate test chambers, with integrated:
  • Temperatures; Hot and Cold
  • Humidity
  • Rain, Light, etc.

‘The seamless integration of an automated test system into a large project is often determined by the successful coordination of all the providers involved.

By working together from the start of the project we can design a better solution and ensure a frictionless experience for our customers.’










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