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The automotive industry is accelerating at full speed, driven by the move toward clean, connected mobility.

Unprecedented innovation in technology is calling for more technically demanding test environments than ever before. With already high and increasing power demands, and the need to acquire and process bigger data sets, test facilities are being faced with a plethora of new test cases and often little or no historical data to help with characterising the latest configurations. Not to mention the challenge of managing conflicting targets, such as performance VS. efficiency.


WMG – Evolution, EV Test Cell Control and Data Acquisition System

Control and Data Acquisition Rack in the Proventia Test Cell Instrument Room

Proventia – Hybrid Electric Vehicle Battery Pack Automated Test System

We support manufacturers throughout the design, development, and production process. We provide a wide range of automated test applications and have experience deploying demanding systems at the cutting edge of speed, determinism, frequency, and power factors.


Saietta engineers tailor electric drive solutions for specific OEM applications which deliver competitive advantage. We also provide a suite of turnkey engineering services to take OEMs to start of production faster. As part of this, we are investing heavily into extensive world-class in-house motor testing capability. It’s critical that this is flexible, adaptable, and fully capable in terms of control and data acquisition and this is why Austin Consultants Evolution system has been selected.

Ben Godfrey Saietta
Ben Godfrey

Over the last five years, we have repeatedly had first-class service from you whenever we have an issue. The company we originally purchased the equipment from let go of the only person who could fix it and without you guys, we would have had a £40k paperweight. We are really appreciative of the support we receive from you. It allows us to continue with minimum disruption or downtime.

Jamie Baxter

Austin Consultants successfully designed and delivered a high-speed deterministic transmission test cell that not only fulfils the increased technical demands but is also adaptable to accommodate future requirements and flexible enough to generate a commercial return through the ability to offer services to third-party organisations. Their professional and considered expertise was able to add value to the project from day one and allowed us to achieve all the goals for this system. I will value their contribution on future projects.

Matthew Ward, Senior Instrumentation Engineer Caterpillar UK
Matthew Ward, Senior Instrumentation Engineer

The EVolution Test Cell Control and Data Acquisition System was integrated with the existing test cell infrastructure and equipment to maximise existing resource utilisation and return on investment whilst at the same time incorporating the latest test cell features and requirements. The Austin Consultants team have been invaluable in integrating the new high-speed deterministic system into our test cell, efficiently and effectively managing all the complex integration issues and our specific needs. The state-of-art multi-axis e-machine test capability is a unique asset for our research activities and industrial collaborators.

Dr Juliette Soulard, Associate Professor Electric Machines WMG University of Warwick
Dr Juliette Soulard, Associate Professor Electric Machines

Austin Consultants provided excellent support for my test rig software/hardware problems and upgrades, with special thanks to Chris Thoroughgood.

Lisa Jones, Test & Development Engineer VTL Precision
Lisa Jones, Test & Development Engineer

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