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The future of energy generation and supply is undergoing seismic transformation, giving rise to a diverse range of innovations in technology, products, distribution, and storage. 

From simulating smart grids to testing advanced materials we have worked on numerous projects supporting organisations developing low-carbon, sustainable energy alternatives.

From automated test rigs to advanced high-frequency control, data acquisition software, and data science services, whatever support you require we can help.


Smart Grid Laboratory, University of Leeds

Austin Consultants facilitated a review with the various stakeholders to understand not only the requirements for the system but also the data dependencies of the wider team. Thanks to their professional approach to design and build the system not only addresses our requirements for reliable and consistent test monitoring across a large number and range of tests, over long time periods but also provides an adaptable and extendable platform that can easily accommodate new and changing demands

David McLennon, Mechanical Testing Engineer EDF Energy
David McLennon, Mechanical Testing Engineer

Austin Consultants were instrumental in developing the smart grid laboratory and delivering a flexible platform that ensures long term return on our investment. The laboratory facilitates research into the challenges and problems at the diverse stages of electric power systems and applications, ranging from generation and conversion to transmission, distribution, and consumption.

Dr Petros Aristidou, Lecturer, School of Electronic & Electrical Engineering The University of Leeds
Dr Petros Aristidou, Lecturer, School of Electronic & Electrical Engineering

Austin Consultants provided a top level support for FMC in a joint R&D project based in the UK. Austin provided extremely professional, attentive, and highly skilled service dealing and analysing complex engineering tasks for the project and implementing multiple advanced high speed PID loops into the LabVIEW Software. Their guidance on hardware selection and adaptability to changing priorities was invaluable.

Dean Raaz, Specialist Engineer FMC Technologies
Dean Raaz, Specialist Engineer

Austin Consultants were very supportive in enabling us to accelerate our quality assurance test. They worked with us to understand our requirements and deliver an automated test rig that has improved our efficiency and verification process. The resulting system now provides us with not only the assurance that products are performing as expected but also supports our conformity and traceability standards.

Joe Warren, Managing Director Powervault
Joe Warren, Managing Director

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