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Mass Interconnect Automated Test Systems

Comprehensive testing solutions for high-volume production environments where efficiency and scalability are essential.
A mass interconnect automated test system (MIATS) offers multiple benefits for manufacturing organisations, particularly in industries that require high-volume testing of electronic components or systems.

We are able to leverage the modular mass interconnect modules and platforms offered by our partners 6TL, combined with our years of expertise in developing cutting-edge test systems, to provide our customers with high-performance test solutions that can be rapidly deployed and offer a lower total cost of ownership.  

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6TL is a leading provider of automated test solutions and products for the electronics industry. With its unique FastATE® technology, which is based on a modular approach, the standardisation of the test system comes intrinsically with the integration process, and the result is a flexible, reusable and reliable solution. 

Benefits of Mass Interconnect Test Systems:


Increased Efficiency: Test multiple devices simultaneously, significantly reducing test time compared to manual testing methods. These efficiency gains are critical for testing large volumes of devices.

Accuracy and Consistency: Reduce the risk of human error, ensuring consistent and accurate test results across all units. This consistency is vital for maintaining product quality and reliability.

Scalability:  Adapt to changing production volumes without significant overhauls. Whether testing a few units or thousands, these systems can accommodate the workload efficiently.

Data Logging and Analysis: Robust data logging and analysis capabilities. This data can provide insights into product performance, identify trends, and facilitate continuous improvement efforts.

Flexibility: Adaptable to a variety of test types and different device configurations. 

Regulatory Compliance:  Ensure compliance by providing detailed records of testing procedures and results.


Mass interconnect automated test systems streamline the testing process, improve product quality, and increase overall equipment effectiveness, ultimately enhancing your company’s operating profits.


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