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Software Engineering

Extensive software expertise across multiple languages ensures you can rely on us to select the right tools for your application.

We are solutions led, technology agnostic software engineers. Our software expertise spans multiple languages and ensures that we select the right tool for your unique requirements in order to solve your engineering challenge efficiently and effectively.

Our adaptable resource offers tailored support for your software project: from consultancy, design, development and implementation all the way through to testing, maintenance, and upgrades. We can undertake just one aspect of your project or manage the entire process ensuring regular feedback cycles with the product owner and relevant stakeholders.

We can support you with:

  • National Instruments – LabVIEW, LabVIEW NXG, TestStand, VeriStand and Lab Windows CVI
  • C, C++, JAVA, JavaScript for multiple platforms including Linux, Windows, iOS and RTOS
  • Embedded coding – from small PICs to Linux radar systems
  • GUI development – using Visual Basic, C#, Visual Studio, Borland Builder and MFC
  • Programming in ADA, ATLAS and Pascal
  • Data Science, Artificial Intelligence programming, R, Python and LabVIEW python logo


We take a holistic approach to software design and undertake all projects from a “Systems Engineering” standpoint.

We deliberately create multidisciplinary teams, comprising not only a software specialist but also team members with other skills and real world experience such as more generic software processes, hardware design, manufacturing and specialist sensors integration. These complementary skills allow us to review the project from many different perspectives to ensure we deliver the best solution possible, given all constraints.

Transparency and robust quality processes are essential to successful delivery, therefore, all our projects – large or small – follow the same development process. The creation of documents and diagrams throughout the project, including change tracking and version control procedures, ensures that the final system meets your requirements and expectations.

System architecture & design process

The aim of system architecture and design is to create a modular, cohesive, yet scalable and extendable framework that is easy to use and understand. In general, each project follows a number of architecture/design steps:

  1. Work with you to identify your requirements
  2. Introduce hardware solution(s) to meet your specific needs
  3. Identify your application/project boundaries and interfaces
  4. Identify the whole solution architecture required including hardware and software
  5. Split the solution into software and hardware teams (if required)
  6. [Software] Break the solution down to modular blocks with defined interfaces and test harnesses
  7. Develop/re-use and test individual blocks/modules
  8. Integrate the code together to create a top level application, then test
  9. Build and test the fully compiled application

Training & support

It is critical to ensure that all projects – existing or a new – are optimised to gain maximum performance, utilisation, and financial return. To address your project time and cost risks, we provide training and support tailored to your individual specification:


  • System design and architecture
  • Development resource
  • Application and software code training
  • Code reviews
  • Test
  • Deployment
  • Maintenance
  • Project completion
  • Data aggregation, dissemination, and integration

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