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We empower manufacturers to enhance productivity, improve product quality, reduce waste, and respond quickly to any deviations or issues that may arise during the manufacturing process.

Example End-of-line Test rig

Automated test, measurement, and control

Our systems play a crucial role in ensuring product quality, optimising production output, reducing costs, and increasing overall productivity. We support manufacturers throughout the product development and production process, providing automated hardware-in-the-loop, validation and verification test, as well as process control and end-of-line test.

Traceability and Compliance

Automated systems help ensure traceability and compliance with quality standards and regulations; ensuring that all tests are reproduced and recorded precisely they increase efficiency and accuracy whilst also limiting the potential for errors to be introduced by any manual intervention.

Data Acquisition, Interpretation, and Integration

Vast amounts of data are generated throughout the manufacturing process, however, it is only valuable if it can be interrogated, interpreted, and converted into actionable intelligence.

With years of experience in data acquisition, we are able to further enhance this information by aggregating it with data collected by sensors already in situ or deploying additional sensors specific to the required application, for example, vibration or vision. This data can include measurements, test results, and performance metrics. We manage the data journey and deploy advanced analytics tools to process this data and identify patterns, trends, and anomalies, providing insights that help optimise production processes, troubleshoot issues, and make informed decisions. This data can be integrated directly into your MES platform, enabling seamless data exchange and synchronisation between different systems. 

Thanks for your support on our latest project, We really appreciate the fact that your consultants are never phased by our requirements and are able to undertake the required changes without any hesitation.

Jamie Finnan, Managing Director TR Controls
Jamie Finnan, Managing Director

As a startup, the ability to remain agile and to call on extra resources when required is essential for us to be able to maintain project velocity. The team at Austin Consultants really removed many of the hurdles in deploying our test system. Their ability to understand our data acquisition requirements and support us in architecting the hardware and developing the software was invaluable. We see them as an extension of our team that we are able to utilise when we need extra expertise.

Paul Adlem, COO Joost Engines
Paul Adlem, COO

Austin Consultants provide a great service when we need additional application consultancy, VeriStand, LabVIEW or FPGA support. We really appreciate their flexibility and efforts to see what is possible even when working on a short time scale. They always deliver great results and I highly recommend them.

Andrew Humphris, Chief Technology Officer Infintesima
Andrew Humphris, Chief Technology Officer

Being able to rely upon our systems means we minimise any disruption to our test program. Having a support agreement with Austin Consultants means we know that our annual systems check and any upgrades are in hand and dealt with seamlessly. The engineers are always very responsive, proactive and straightforward to work with. I can highly recommend them.

Chis Anderson, Test House Manager Forged Solutions Group
Chis Anderson, Test House Manager

Austin Consultants’ experience was very helpful in being able to help us to develop the right solution for the automation task at hand. With their support, we were able to quickly and efficiently put a system in place that was cost-effective and appropriate for our requirements. Being able to outsource the hardware build and software development meant we were able to deploy the system without any disruption to our day-to-day operations. They were very easy to work with and I look forward to working with them again.

Tommy Kallerdahl, Operations Manager Valmet
Tommy Kallerdahl, Operations Manager

I would like to thank Austin Consultants for an outstanding service and quick delivery of a consultant on site. I was extremely satisfied with Neil Pate’s services, who devised a LabView Hydrostatic Test program, including pressure cycling within two days. He was very professional and delivered the project to my utmost satisfaction. I will keep Austin Consultants in mind for any future projects.

Oliver Buhlinger, Manufacturing Engineer Hayward Tyler
Oliver Buhlinger, Manufacturing Engineer

Austin Consultants Digital XY Plotter has exceeded expectations in delivering an alternative and modern solution that offers increased reliability, flexibility and accuracy to meet our business needs. Their team stand out in their commitment to understanding our requirements from the outset enabling the data to be presented to meet our needs and provide familiarity. The support in providing training and on going customer service demonstrates their professionalism and attitude to ensuring customer satisfaction and developing long term relationships.

Paul Houghton TMD Technologies
Paul Houghton

Austin Consultants were very supportive in enabling us to accelerate our quality assurance test. They worked with us to understand our requirements and deliver an automated test rig that has improved our efficiency and verification process. The resulting system now provides us with not only the assurance that products are performing as expected but also supports our conformity and traceability standards.

Joe Warren, Managing Director Powervault
Joe Warren, Managing Director

Previous Projects

Due to the nature of our work, much of what we do is confidential however here are a few example projects we are pleased to be able to share.

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