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Video Demo


This demo allows us to showcase NI’s VeriStand framework and all the embedded test capabilities that this brings.

Austin Consultants have become the leading UK integrator of VeriStand based test systems in a wide range of industries from Oil and Gas, Automotive, through to Rail (Safety Critical) and Energy sectors.

Simple Control problem?…Well…no. Complex 2DOF Nonlinear control problem

Problem: As main rotor (Pitch) increases this induced rotation around vertical axis (Yaw)

Answer: Develop a model and test in simulation and with real practical demonstration to validate model.

What an Embedded Test Framework gives you:

  • Easy to configuration of Real World IO
  • Run many different models, deterministically. § Swap control algorithms on the fly.
  • Test dynamic control mode changes


  • PXI-1042Q 8 slot rack
  • PXI-8101 RT Real Time Controller
  • PXI-6251 DAQmx card
  • PXI-7854R FPGA card (available but not used)
  • Quansar Educational H/W – 2DOF Helicopter


  • NI VeriStand framework
  • Simulink LQR+1 and Feed Forward Control Model
  • Custom (LabVIEW models) and mode configuration