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Saietta engineers tailor electric drive solutions for specific OEM applications which deliver competitive advantage. We also provide a suite of turnkey engineering services to take OEMs to start of production faster. As part of this, we are investing heavily into extensive world-class in-house motor testing capability. It’s critical that this is flexible, adaptable, and fully capable in terms of control and data acquisition and this is why Austin Consultants Evolution system has been selected.

Ben Godfrey

Over the last five years, we have repeatedly had first-class service from you whenever we have an issue. The company we originally purchased the equipment from let go of the only person who could fix it and without you guys, we would have had a £40k paperweight. We are really appreciative of the support we receive from you. It allows us to continue with minimum disruption or downtime.

Jamie Baxter

Thanks for your support on our latest project, We really appreciate the fact that your consultants are never phased by our requirements and are able to undertake the required changes without any hesitation.

Jamie Finnan, Managing Director

Thanks to the Austin Consultants team for your ongoing support which allows us to seamlessly maintain and upgrade our systems without interrupting our test schedule. Your engineers are always knowledgeable and very easy to work with.

James Monteith, IT Project Manager

Austin Consultants facilitated a review with the various stakeholders to understand not only the requirements for the system but also the data dependencies of the wider team. Thanks to their professional approach to design and build the system not only addresses our requirements for reliable and consistent test monitoring across a large number and range of tests, over long time periods but also provides an adaptable and extendable platform that can easily accommodate new and changing demands

David McLennon, Mechanical Testing Engineer

Our initial contact with Austin Consultants was made at the recommendation of representatives of National Instruments; a world leading test, measurement & control company. We were able to discuss an initial scope of work by telephone conferencing and subsequent conversations enabled a clear definition of the project which was to be developed with a range of options tailored to the limitations of our budget and timescales. I was totally satisfied with the outcome and I continue to consider Austin Consultants as a provider of solutions within this area of expertise.

Ian Cakebread, Facilities Manager

The team at Austin Consultants have created a new data acquisition system for the UCL towing tank using NI hardware. We are very pleased with the work that they have done from start to finish. They have been available to help us on matters which worked alongside the data acquisition system and were a fundamental pediment in ensuring that our complete set-up worked to our expectations. The communication with the company was always good and up to date making this project a pleasure to work on.  We look forward to working with Austin consultants again to continue improving our systems.

Andrea Grech, La Rosa Research Assistant

Austin Consultants were instrumental in developing the smart grid laboratory and delivering a flexible platform that ensures long term return on our investment. The laboratory facilitates research into the challenges and problems at the diverse stages of electric power systems and applications, ranging from generation and conversion to transmission, distribution, and consumption.

Dr Petros Aristidou, Lecturer, School of Electronic & Electrical Engineering

Austin Consultants has made an invaluable contribution in terms of delivering a successful project. They made an immediate and positive impact on the project – from an in-depth understanding of the practical technical and safety issues to the more strategic deployment of the control system. They have helped to ensure the ICAIR system offers a robust and flexible platform and delivers the return on investment.

Simon Tait, Professor of Water Engineering, Department of Civil and Structural Engineering

The team at Austin Consultants are invaluable in terms of both flexibility and the quality of support they provide. Being able to outsource reliable knowledgeable expertise when we require extra resource is a cost-effective way to ensure we meet our deadlines

Jim Curtis Senior Operations Manager

As a startup, the ability to remain agile and to call on extra resources when required is essential for us to be able to maintain project velocity. The team at Austin Consultants really removed many of the hurdles in deploying our test system. Their ability to understand our data acquisition requirements and support us in architecting the hardware and developing the software was invaluable. We see them as an extension of our team that we are able to utilise when we need extra expertise.

Paul Adlem, COO

Austin Consultants provide a great service when we need additional application consultancy, VeriStand, LabVIEW or FPGA support. We really appreciate their flexibility and efforts to see what is possible even when working on a short time scale. They always deliver great results and I highly recommend them.

Andrew Humphris, Chief Technology Officer

Being able to rely upon our systems means we minimise any disruption to our test program. Having a support agreement with Austin Consultants means we know that our annual systems check and any upgrades are in hand and dealt with seamlessly. The engineers are always very responsive, proactive and straightforward to work with. I can highly recommend them.

Chis Anderson, Test House Manager

Austin Consultants successfully designed and delivered a high-speed deterministic transmission test cell that not only fulfils the increased technical demands but is also adaptable to accommodate future requirements and flexible enough to generate a commercial return through the ability to offer services to third-party organisations. Their professional and considered expertise was able to add value to the project from day one and allowed us to achieve all the goals for this system. I will value their contribution on future projects.

Matthew Ward, Senior Instrumentation Engineer

The team at Austin Consultants have delivered a great visitor experience that enhances the public’s understanding of elephants. From the initial consultancy through to the display’s installation the Austin team were very creative and proactive, working with us to meet all our requirements within the tight timescale and budget.

Natalie Latham, Interpretation Developer

Austin Consultants’ experience was very helpful in being able to help us to develop the right solution for the automation task at hand. With their support, we were able to quickly and efficiently put a system in place that was cost-effective and appropriate for our requirements. Being able to outsource the hardware build and software development meant we were able to deploy the system without any disruption to our day-to-day operations. They were very easy to work with and I look forward to working with them again.

Tommy Kallerdahl, Operations Manager

The EVolution Test Cell Control and Data Acquisition System was integrated with the existing test cell infrastructure and equipment to maximise existing resource utilisation and return on investment whilst at the same time incorporating the latest test cell features and requirements. The Austin Consultants team have been invaluable in integrating the new high-speed deterministic system into our test cell, efficiently and effectively managing all the complex integration issues and our specific needs. The state-of-art multi-axis e-machine test capability is a unique asset for our research activities and industrial collaborators.

Dr Juliette Soulard, Associate Professor Electric Machines

I approached Austin Consultants to quote for a large piece of development work on a complex and not yet fully specified project. From start to finish, the whole team gave realistic advice and real-world estimates. We at the university now have a solid working relationship with Austin, and I personally would recommend them to anyone.

Austin stuck with the project through difficult times, communicating clearly throughout. This let us assess what needed to be done, and when.The project was completed to our satisfaction, and it is very likely that we will engage their services again on other projects in the near future. It was a pleasure to work with professionals like the team from Austin.

Mark Judge

Austin developed code which is necessary for running essential equipment within a month from start of project to end, and a month before the deadline. I will return to Austin when I need LabVIEW developing in the future.

Dr Simon Hunt, Post doctorate Fellow

I would like to thank Austin Consultants for an outstanding service and quick delivery of a consultant on site. I was extremely satisfied with Neil Pate’s services, who devised a LabView Hydrostatic Test program, including pressure cycling within two days. He was very professional and delivered the project to my utmost satisfaction. I will keep Austin Consultants in mind for any future projects.

Oliver Buhlinger, Manufacturing Engineer

Austin Consultants have been incredibly helpful in assisting us with modifying software and integrating this into a new test rig.

Dave McGuire, R&D Project Engineer

I would highly recommend Austin Consultants. From the inception of the project to completion they performed an extremely high standard of customer service and knowledge. It has been an absolute pleasure working with them and would highly recommend their services. Special thanks to David Catto, one of the most knowledgeable and proactive engineers I have worked with.

Matt Dechamps, Director

Austin Consultants provided excellent support for my test rig software/hardware problems and upgrades, with special thanks to Chris Thoroughgood.

Lisa Jones, Test & Development Engineer

Austin Consultants were able to provide a great kickstart to our Veristand project. As we were new to the software they provided onsite support to help overcome installation issues and integrate our target platform much quicker than we could have achieved using NI/Mathworks tech support. I consider it a great investment.
Very professional and a pleasure to work with they are keen to remain engaged in progress and seem to genuinely care that we succeed.

Richard Flower Lead Electrical Engineer

Austin Consultants Digital XY Plotter has exceeded expectations in delivering an alternative and modern solution that offers increased reliability, flexibility and accuracy to meet our business needs. Their team stand out in their commitment to understanding our requirements from the outset enabling the data to be presented to meet our needs and provide familiarity. The support in providing training and on going customer service demonstrates their professionalism and attitude to ensuring customer satisfaction and developing long term relationships.

Paul Houghton

I would like to take this opportunity to send our appreciation to Austin Consultants, with special thanks to Chris Thoroughgood who supported throughout and went the extra mile to help us out.

Chris Gill

Thanks for a job well done for putting up with my daily visits and many questions. Also, for the hard work and support through a difficult project on such tight time scales.

I would like to thank you for your support and effort on this challenging project. I am sure that without your support, enthusiasm and professionalism we would not have been successful in completing this project.

Dave Craig, Richard Lindsey

We found Austin Consultants generally the most cost-effective method of updating our data capture & control software, with first-rate project lead times. We would highly recommend Austin Consultants to any company looking at updating existing software or designing bespoke ‘one-off’ specialist programmes.

Chris Morgans

Austin Consultants have been a great pleasure to work with, extremely supporting to our requirements and needs and offering support and advice with regards to NI hardware and software requirements. The level of final solution was over and above our original expectation and has provided us with a high precision industry leading Creep Lab Remote monitoring platform that can be viewed from anywhere in the world.

Dr Catrin Mair Davies, Faculty of Engineering,

Austin Consultants provided a top level support for FMC in a joint R&D project based in the UK. Austin provided extremely professional, attentive, and highly skilled service dealing and analysing complex engineering tasks for the project and implementing multiple advanced high speed PID loops into the LabVIEW Software. Their guidance on hardware selection and adaptability to changing priorities was invaluable.

Dean Raaz, Specialist Engineer

Austin Consultants were very supportive in enabling us to accelerate our quality assurance test. They worked with us to understand our requirements and deliver an automated test rig that has improved our efficiency and verification process. The resulting system now provides us with not only the assurance that products are performing as expected but also supports our conformity and traceability standards.

Joe Warren, Managing Director

The quality of the service provided by Austin Consultants has in all respects been first class; a number of technical issues that were causing problems have been quickly resolved, work has been done to fit in with our schedules and economically we have been very satisfied with the cost of the service provided to date.

Nigel Turner

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