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Support & Training

Flexible expert support and training solutions that deliver your business and engineering goals.


Managing resource to ensure it is available as required throughout each phase of a project whilst balancing other business demands can be challenging. Our skilled engineers are able to provide agile software and hardware resource as required to ensure your project meets critical deadlines and budgets. 

As the highest level LabVIEW certified team in the UK you can rely on us to provide backup if a hardware engineer or software developer becomes ill or unable to complete your project for any reason.

Time & Materials

Our experienced engineers are able to join your project team to provide consultancy, leadership or additional resource on an hourly or daily basis. We practice open and transparent collaboration, sharing thoughts, ideas, opinions, and expectations. These are values that have lead to our highly regarded reputation for quality.

Our price structure reflects the experience and qualifications of our technical consultants, enabling you to align calibre with your project and business requirements. Whether you require a single engineer or a combination of senior and junior developers, we will work with you to get the best and most cost effective solution for your project.  

Thanks to our collaborative culture, all our engineers can call upon the knowledge, skills, existing code or hardware designs of the rest of the team, to ensure that your project is completed as efficiently as possible

Fixed Price

Whether you require a fully integrated hardware and software turnkey system or a complete software re-write, we can provide you with a fixed price quote for your solution. To limit risk and ensure that costs stay low, your quote includes a detailed breakdown, identifying potential areas for attention and steps to mitigate risk.

Austin Consultants have been a great partner to work with commissioning multiple lab data acquisition systems and continuing to provide support to our expanding facility. Their dedication, professionalism and all-round attitude could not be better.
Simon Holyoake

Research Electronics Engineer, British Geological Survey


Effective training for users of any system is key to ensuring it delivers optimum performance and return on investment.

We provide bespoke training tailored for your specific application to support both your development team and system users, whether designing or operating an in-house project or a system delivered by us.

The programming languages with which we can support you include:

The training can be delivered on your premises or off-site (whichever suits your requirement).

Training can be tailored to cover all aspects of system design, build and integration, and address many specialist application areas including:

  • Machine learning
  • High-speed signal processing and data capture
  • Real-time and embedded applications
  • Vision systems
  • IoT

Systems maintenance

Optimising performance, utilisation and financial investment in systems is a key factor in maintaining a competitive advantage for all organisations.

To ensure you achieve maximum efficiency from your systems, we offer various levels of ongoing maintenance support, configured to meet the bespoke requirements of your applications:

  • Telephone and remote technical support
  • Annual hardware and system verification
  • Annual software update
  • On-site callout
  • Spares and repairs

Comprehensive terms and conditions are tailored to meet your unique maintenance needs and outlined in a detailed agreement.

Bespoke training and support to meet your application requirements

Project completion

The need to reprioritise, redeploy or replace resource are just a few reasons why sometimes it can be necessary to acquire additional talent at short notice.

With practical experience across a broad range of applications and industries, our engineers are adept at project immersion. They can provide additional pragmatic and effective development and engineering resource to allow you meet delivery deadlines and manage budgets.

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