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As a team, we are highly skilled in a number of programming languages that, arguably, would do the same job as LabVIEW. However, we choose LabVIEW because it provides the flexibility to design cutting-edge user interfaces for your software and have a deeper control over your systems.

The benefit of using LabVIEW for you is that, because of its graphical design interface, the software development time-frame is nearly three times shorter than when using conventional programming languages, therefore reducing the overall project timescale and costs.

CertifiedLabVIEWEmbeddedDeveloperThe LabVIEW programming environment simplifies hardware integration for engineering applications so that you have a consistent way to acquire data from NI and third-party hardware. LabVIEW reduces the complexity of programming, so you can focus on your unique engineering problem.



As the highest certified LabVIEW consultancy in the UK, we exceed industry standards.

Our archive contains the equivalent of over 50 years of code and experience to support you with your most complex and technical engineering challenges. We continually invest in the latest training for our team. This is reflected by the high calibre of consultancy we provide across the NI software platform.

We can support you at each stage of your project life-cycle, as an end-to-end service or provide expertise to support a particular aspect of your development:


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LabView architecture

As Certified LabVIEW Architects, we pride ourselves in considered analysis of the architecture of even the simplest applications. This doesn’t mean a complicated solution, just one that is right for your application. We look at the capabilities of those that are going to support the application and tailor solutions to meet all your requirement parameters. For example, if users are relatively new to LabVIEW, then we would not use LabVIEW classes (unless specifically requested). We follow a set of style guidelines based on the National Instruments standard which has been amended based on real world experience.

The architecture of a system is heavily dependent on the solution and may involve separate applications, perhaps one on a real-time operating system (and FPGA) and one on a PC, communicating over an Ethernet connection.

In all cases, the solution is broken into functional blocks, each of which may be identified as a separate asynchronous process, or as a functional library. An example of how a system has been broken down into functional blocks can be seen below:

I would like to thank Austin Consultants for an outstanding service and quick delivery of a consultant on site. I was extremely satisfied with the consultant’s services, who devised a LabVIEW Hydrostatic Test program, including pressure cycling within two days. He was very professional and delivered the project to my utmost satisfaction. I will keep Austin Consultants in mind for any future projects.

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Hayward Tyler

LabVIEW Projects

Our consultants have worked on a range of projects that use LabVIEW for their core functionality:

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