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Digital & Multi-Channel XY Plotter

Key Benefits:
  • Increased Efficiency: The Digital XY Plotter was low cost, efficient and easy to use with no environmental impact.
  • Flexible Hardware: The system allows the user to use any National Instruments hardware enabling the user to view data in a format they are able to understand and upgrade their hardware without having to make further software changes.
  • Scalable Software: The Digital XY Plotter is fully scalable and functions with any NI data acquisition cased thus allowing the user to choose the tools they require, which meet their budget.
  • Available Immediately: The Digital XY Plotter is available to buy on our website and can be downloaded immediately after purchase so there is no wait time at all with this product. Engineers are also available should you need advice on associated hardware.


The Challenge

TMD Technologies were looking to upgrade their XY Plotters to avoid all the problems associated with it being a physical piece of kit. They wanted a low cost, flexible solution as an alternative to a traditional mechanical XY Plotter to carry out testing in their R&D Labs.


Austin Consultants LabVIEW Experts -Traditional XY Plotter - TMD Technologies

The Solution

Austin Consultants specialise in building test and measurement solution for a range of industries including Automotive, Aerospace, Military, Medical, Environmental and Research & Development.

When we first engaged with TMD, we understood that there were issues with reliability and accurate data recording with their traditional manual XY Plotter’s, which meant business needs were not being delivered. The Digital XY Plotter software is written in LabVIEW and allows the client to use any National Instruments hardware, which in turn enables the data to be presented in a way that the user can understand.

By using LabVIEW, the Digital XY Plotter allows flexibility and puts the control in the hands of the client who can change the hardware to suit their needs without having to replace or upgrade the software. The Digital & Multi-Channel XY Plotter will measure voltage and current and is ideal for the following types of test:

  • Flow & travel testing
  • Flow and pressure testing
  • Frequency Response
  • Hysteresis testing
  • Linearity testing
  • Repetition testing
  • Mechanical actuation testing

This means that the Digital XY Plotter is fully scalable and functions seamlessly with any NI data acquisition card, from a low speed USB card to a high speed PXI system. By having scalable hardware, the client can then choose the tools they require that fit within their requirements and budget.

Some of the benefits of the Digital XY Plotter to TMD Technologies were that the software was available to download within minutes of purchasing, and our Engineer also helped them to source the hardware suitable for their project, which in this case was a USB DAQ Card.

LabVIEW based XY Plotter User Interface

The Result

The Digital XY Plotter was low cost, efficient, easy to use and had a lower environmental impact that a traditional XY Plotter due to being able to share files digitally and not require the use of paper to plot.

Maintenance costs were also abolished completely, and TMD Technologies found the portability of the software particularly useful, something not considered to be a requirement in the initial stages of the project.

  • LabVIEW 60% 60%
  • Consultancy 100% 100%
Austin Consultants digital XY plotter has exceeded expectations in delivering an alternative and modern solution that offers increased reliability, flexibility and accuracy to meet our business needs.  Their team stand out in their commitment to understanding our requirements from the outset enabling the data to be presented to meet our needs and provide familiarity. The support in providing training and ongoing customer service demonstrates their professionalism and attitude to ensuring customer satisfaction and developing long term relationships.
Paul Houghton

TMD Technologies

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