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Intertek European Centre of Excellence for Electric Vehicle Testing

Control and Data Acquisition System

Data Acquisition and Control provided by The EVolution Test System


  • Control for four cells, part of The New Award Winning European Centre of Excellence for High Voltage EV Propulsion Systems Testing.
  • Complete test coverage with a flexible platform for accurate and innovative powertrain test systems.
    • Four-wheel drive full vehicle test chamber.
    • Electric axle module test rigs
    • Three state-of-the-art eMotor dyno rigs operating at speeds up to 27,000rpm.
    • Specialist e-machine development rigs.
  • Safety module for integration with the main cell safety circuits and systems.
  • Integration with remote control rooms and mobile control desks.
  • Integration to network data management system.
  • DUT instrumentation racks to allow off-site commissioning.
  • Supports faster development times with automation and collaboration.
  • Adaptable to rapidly accommodate changing project requirements.
  • Flexible to support multiple model formats.
  • Intuitive test sequencing and scripting via Python scripting engine or real-time sequence wizard.
Intertek_Data Acquisition Rack
With the rapid global transition to electric vehicles, Intertek’s UK Transportation Technologies division developed a state-of-the-art Global EV Centre of Excellence.

This multi-award-winning facility houses a range of cutting-edge technologies including 6 EV propulsion test cells including electric axle module test rigs, a 1.2MW full vehicle test chamber (one of only four facilities of its kind in Europe), three eMotor dyno rigs, specialist e-machine development rigs, and a battery testing chamber. This complements existing R&D capabilities at Intertek’s Milton Keynes facility, which includes a unique in-house designed eMotor fluids research rig, back-to-back eMotor capability, eMotor dynos and eAxle testing. Operating at speeds up to 27,000rpm.

The Global EV hub is a one-stop shop for automotive manufacturers, encompassing motors, inverters, axle modules, all onboard vehicle electrical systems and complete electric vehicle testing.

Data Acquisition and Control for the facility are provided by The EVolution Test System, designed, developed and installed by Austin Consultants.

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