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Digital & Multi-Channel XY Plotter

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Our PC-based software can turn your PC into a fully functioning XY Plotter, capable of undertaking all the traditional jobs of an XY Plotter, time-base recorder and automated tester. The software provides you with greater convenience, less cost and more ease of use.


Our PC based Digital XY Plotter is a direct translation of a traditional XY Plotter, but with all the benefits of being computerised software rather than a physical machine.

The Digital XY Plotter uses the same terminology but has a number of enhanced features, making it easy, quick to set up and extremely low maintenance.

The XY Plotter runs on any PC or laptop making it fully portable. Its 16bit resolution provides you with a more accurate result than you would get with a traditional pen plotter and allows you to zoom in for a clearer view of results.

The Plotter will produce a PDF or JPEG of your trace allowing easy sharing and digital filing, thus eliminating the cost of paper and ink associated with traditional XY Plotters.

Main Benefits:

  • Plot either channel against time

  • Sensitivity ranges

  • Automatic Nulling

  • Data Acquisition Calibration routines

  • A range of pen and plot colours

  • User-defined limit lines show instantly if a test is out of spec for pass/fail testing

  • Configure and load new test specifications instantly

  • Export data to a .csv file or .pdf report

  • Couple with a National Instruments DAQmx product OR third-party hardware and connect to existing test equipment

  • Paperless, reducing cost and environmental impact

How does it work?

The Digital XY Plotter works in the same way as a traditional XY Plotter and will run on any PC or laptop (including Windows, Mac or Linux) and has been specially designed to work with ANY National Instruments (NI) Data acquisition (DAQ) card. The system can also be set up to be optimised for touchscreen devices such as tablets for ease of use and portability.

It will measure voltage and current and is ideal for the following types of test:

  • Flow & travel testing

  • Flow & pressure testing

  • Frequency response

  • Hysteresis testing

  • Linearity testing

  • Repetition testing

  • Mechanical actuation testing

Additional features:

The Austin Consultants Digital XY Plotter enables you to trigger the start and stop, meaning that unlike traditional XY Plotters which will finish tracking and draw a line across your paper to begin again, the Digital XY Plotter will ‘lift’ the pen avoiding unwanted lines on your plot.

The XY Plotter software allows you to set up an unlimited number of ‘Profiles’ for testing. By configuring a test profile, the system will allow you to switch between tests quickly, without having to set each one up every time you want to run it. Your test will only need to be set up once and you can easily return to a saved profile later.

As the data on our XY Plotter is digital, the software can bring up graph cursors.

The XY Plotter software enables you to create a set of boundary conditions for testing, and it will provide a simple pass or fail with visually engaging red or green light alerts. If your testing goes outside these parameters, the system will fail. In traditional XY Plotters, it would require comparison with a previous document and the boundaries manually measured.

The Digital XY Plotter is completely configurable, enabling you to customise data fields and serial numbers.

All axis can be set for custom scaling from 0-10v or 20-30ghz

National Instruments Tools Network

National Instruments have approved the Digital XY Plotter by Austin Consultants

Our Digital XY Plotter has been approved by National Instruments and tested to confirm its compatibility with LabVIEW.


Download Case StudyDownload Demo (via NI Tools Network)

1 review for Digital & Multi-Channel XY Plotter

  1. Paul Houghton – TMD Technologies (verified owner)

    Austin Consultants Digital XY Plotter has exceeded expectations in delivering an alternative and modern solution that offers increased reliability, flexibility and accuracy to meet our business needs. Their team stand out in their commitment to understanding our requirements from the outset enabling the data to be presented to meet our needs and provide familiarity. The support in providing training and on going customer service demonstrates their professionalism and attitude to ensuring customer satisfaction and developing long term relationships.

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