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IoT Cloud Logging Database & Toolkit

£295.00 + VAT

Cloud Logging Database and Toolkit for remote logging. A complete M2M solution. The £295 license fee is per year.


Our IoT Cloud Logging Database and toolkit allows users to store any data type up to the Cloud up to ten times per second with the ability to be displayed in a real-time, instantaneous format across the web within a second of the value being uploaded. This makes it perfect for all remote logging applications requiring 10Hz or less update rates such as temperature, power, wind speed, acceleration, Current etc. This is a complete M2M solution.


  • Second by second display capability
  • Customisable front end viewing software
  • Advanced reporting tools for downloading and analysing data
  • Records all data in string format so not limited to type
  • Full two way communication to allow for control systems.
  • Complete Web based configuration platform
  • Three tier user access level
  • Two way communication and capability for sending custom commands in real time or at set times.
  • Alarms and over-limit capability
  • Email and text messaging capability
  • Ability to store items such as software updates and deploy update in real-time or at set times.
  • Ability to upload existing data from excel, text and .csv files.
  • Limitless number of years of data storage
  • Full API Available and LabVIEW Drivers, other languages available on request.
  • Cloud database is hosted on Microsoft Azure cloud database for full backup stability and integrity.
  • A complete M2M solution

Austin Consultants - Cloud Logging Database Diagram


The cost of our Database is £295 per year for a licence, based on 86400 values per day (one per second) sending 12 different channels each second.

Up to three years storage. (longer term storage available on a cheaper tariff but lower data transfer speed for data greater than three years if required)

Based on transactional viewing from another location on a second by second basis. (Further licenses for multiple viewing locations available for approx. £49 per location).


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