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Earlier this month our Director, Peter Davies flew off to Austin Texas, home to National Instruments’ global headquarters for the annual NI Week conference – NI Week 2016: Productivity, Innovation & Discovery. The conference brings together some of the brightest minds in engineering and science and this year was no different with over 3,200 innovators representing a huge variety of industries.

The conference itself provided Austin Consultants with plenty of opportunities to network with clients, partners and friends and to experience some of the greatest technologies NI and their partners have to offer.

Here is a roundup of Peter’s visit to NI Week 2016: Productivity, Innovation & Discovery Conference:


NI Week 2016: Productivity, Innovation & Discovery - Peter Davies, Austin Consultants “I always look forward to attending NI Week each year, as it is a great opportunity for me to meet with fellow engineers from around the world, solidifying existing relationships and speaking with many of the new companies joining us for the first time. For me, the opening keynote speech by Dr Truchard really cements what NI Week is all about, and really helps to set the scene for the days ahead. This year was all about new partnerships and new technological advancements, which I have had the pleasure of being involved with.”

You can now view all of the keynote speeches from NI Week 2016: Productivity, Innovation, Discovery Conference on the NI YouTube Channel.

Peter was also fortunate enough to be invited along to several closed-door sessions to discuss upcoming National Instruments Technology and Product Innovations.

“Over the last three years, I have been working alongside NI to advise and feedback on their next generation of LabVIEW products by being part of an Advisory Board made up of a variety of industry leaders and innovators. I’m pleased to say that Austin Consultants are at the forefront of being able to offer our clients access to the next generation of LabVIEW technology and are looking forward to sharing more of this with you soon.

It was an honour to be invited by National Instruments to their closed door sessions. With some of the exciting announcements made it will be a great time for Austin Consultants as a key Alliance Partner in helping National Instruments continue to pave the way for the future of engineering development and expertise.”

NI Week VI Suggester Finalist - NI Week 2016: Productivity, Innovation & Discovery ConferenceAustin Consultants were also thrilled to be acknowledged by National Instruments as a finalist at NI Week for the groundbreaking LabVIEW Toolkit – The VI Suggester.