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The rapidly changing demands of today’s EV testing environment are creating more and more complexities around choosing the right test system solution to meet your organisation’s needs. And with the UK government having recently moved forward the ban on fossil fuel vehicles to 2030, the expectation to deploy test systems quickly is only going to accelerate. 

Now more than ever, it’s crucial to get your technology investment right to ensure that your system can be quickly deployed and is flexible and adaptable into the future. This is what will provide you with a competitive edge. 

Therefore, we’ve collated a guide on how to implement an EV test system solution that’s designed to meet future requirements. This explores four key points to help you establish whether building a test system in-house or seeking an external off-the-shelf solution is right for you. It also provides an overview of how our EVolution product can withstand change and improve your time-to-market by offering flexibility, speed and efficiency, along with a great return on investment.