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Our game changing LabVIEW VI Suggester Toolkit can double the speed of your programming by proposing the next VI to you through its advanced machine learning algorithms.

As part of our ongoing commitment to develop new technology and methodology the LabVIEW VI Suggester Toolkit, our latest innovation has been put forward as a Developer Productivity Finalist in the NI Product Awards, to be announced at NI Week in Austin, Texas next week.

Whenever you place a LabVIEW function, this tool proposes the most probable option for the next LabVIEW function to be coded. You can select the suggested functions by using the combinational key Ctrl-Number or simply clicking on the icon. You can improve even this learning procedure by using your archived history code or by selecting other history code from GitHub or another source.

As a 2016 Finalist Peter Davies, Director of Austin Consultants has been invited by National Instruments to the keynote and awards ceremony held at the National Instruments Alliance Day on Monday August 1st, in Austin, Texas. The ceremony is hosted by the Alliance Partner Network team and attended by Alliance Day attendees, National Instruments global sales, product managers, and executive leadership representatives as part of NI Week.

This product is no longer supported and was withdrawn from sale September 2019.