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Have you ever wanted to link comments for particular parts of your code, or wanted to group comments together to allow other team members to work on certain actions? The use of bookmarks is a great feature to do this.

By simply creating a comment on the block diagram and entering a hashtag (#yourtext),  you can easily group comments together.

Take the following images for example:

Bookmarks-Figure1        Bookmarks-figure2

If you wanted to be able to group these two VI’s together then simply adding in the comment such as #AustinTest for both VI’s would do this.

To view a list of all your bookmarks simply select View>Bookmark Manager from your VI or Project to be shown the Bookmark Manager window.

Bookmarks - figure3

The Bookmark Manager window shows you all of your bookmarks within the selected project. As you can see from the above image, our two bookmarks have been added and are under the same header. Simply double clicking on one of the bookmarks will open that VI containing that bookmark.

This is a really useful tool if you make changes to your code but want to remember where exactly you have made the changes. Or if certain tasks need to be delegated to a team, assigning a bookmark to each individual allows them to focus directly on the task ahead.