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Austin Consultants understand that sitting your CLA exam can be quite a daunting prospect, which is why our engineers have pulled together their own ‘CLA Examination Tips’ to help you prepare for your upcoming exam.

Whilst we are unable to share the specifics of the individual exams, we can share with you the actual exam scenario by helping to get you in the right mind-set and be prepared for the big day itself as much as possible.

Certified LabVIEW Architect

So if you find yourself looking at sitting your exams shortly, why not check out our CLA Examination Tips below:

CLA Examination Tip One – Review past examinations

As part of their online resources National Instruments provide two past exam papers for the Certified LabVIEW Architect (CLA) examination which can be found on their website that will enable you to understand what to expect from your own examination. Take the time to review the papers as it will give you a clearer idea of what is required during the exam time you have available, as time pressures can be one of the biggest obstacles in passing the exam.

Did you know that the core application that you build within your CLA exam, is similar to the application required in the Certified LabVIEW Developer exam – so why not look at your last exam paper for some inspiration and practice?

CLA Examination Tip Two – Know what to expect

As part of their online resources National Instruments provide a downloadable Exam Preparation Guide document. The document lists all of the possible Exam Scenarios that you could encounter. By studying this document, you will be able to consider how you can build the guidance given into your own Architecture.

CLA Examination Tip Three – Review the preparation guidance

National Instruments also list the Grading Scheme within the Exam Preparation Guide document. Having the grading scheme available to view will allow you to preplan the architecture you have in mind as you approach your exam. The guide should provide you with the key takeaway points you need to consider, including your;

  • Architecture
  • Block Diagram Style
  • Documentation.

Did you know that unlike your Certified LabVIEW Developer exam, you will not need to run code at the end of your exam as there are no marks given for functionality within the CLA exam itself?

CLA Examination Tip Four – Timing is everything

As already touched upon, timing your exam within the time you have is one of the fundamental elements within your CLA exam itself. Why not pull together a timeline of what you need to do in the exam? This can save you from getting side tracked or missing out sections completely and allow you to plan break times. We also recommend setting time aside for creating your Architecture, Documenting Requirements and adding scenario specific elements (UI, I/O etc.). And remember once you have a schedule laid out – make sure you stick to it.

CLA Examination Tip Five – Configure your computer

Before the start of your CLA exam, National Instruments normally provide you with time to be able to configure your PC for window settings, LabVIEW configuration options or LabVIEW NI Changes etc. Take advantage of the time given as you will want to be able to provide yourself with as close to a normal working environment experience that you can.

Did you know that during your exam you will only have access to a single screen? Please make sure you take this into consideration when preparing for the exam.

CLA Examination Tip Summary

Remember preparation is key to pass the CLA exam. If you need any further help in your CLA exam preparation, why not undertake the Austin Consultants half day How to Pass your Certified Architect Exam training course?

Good luck everyone!