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We are delighted to announce that Austin Consultants has been made a Certified Embedded Specialist by National Instruments!

This is thanks to our vast project experience in supplying and integrating systems using the cRIO and PXI FPGA based platforms.

As we announced earlier this year, we also have 2 of the country’s top Certified LabVIEW Embedded Systems Developers (CLED) who have extensive experience in optimising FPGA code to fit on the some of the smallest FPGAs (sb-RIO) and are always mindful of some of the embedded development common pitfalls, such as memory leaks and processor utilisation issues.

We have other microprocessor experience and even developing in VHDL both inside and outside the LabVIEW environment, and also have experience of building custom C-Series and FlexRIO modules.

Our team have also worked on a range of FPGA based reconfigurable systems from Energy Monitoring to Fusion Reactor Control Systems.

Peter Davies, CEO of Austin Consultants says “Our ability to build and integrate large embedded systems and our specialisation in FPGA technology has always been a key differentiator against our competitors. To have it endorsed by National Instruments further cements our expertise and I am proud of the Austin team and what they have achieved.”


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