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We were proud to have five members of the Austin Consultants team to visit CERN for the CLA Summit to increase experience, network with other programmers working at the cutting edge of LabVIEW Integration, and keep at the forefront of LabVIEW and National Instruments (NI) technology. It also gave us a very simple way of rewarding our CLA’s by giving them the unique experience of a tour of CERN. Austin Consultants represented 5% of the entire summit and had more employees there than any other Alliance Partner in Europe.

We were privileged enough to be given a guided tour of Atlas by the head of Control Systems at CERN and allowed us a detailed discussion as to the key issues faced during installation and analysis. We received three days of discussions and presentations at CERN including a talk from the Head of Internet security at CERN, and were able to sit and converse with Jeff Kodosky himself, the inventor of LabVIEW.

One of the key points that Austin Consultants picked up from the Summit was slick ways to integrate and build on existing front panel technology built in other languages to allow our code to provide greater web based and tablet/phone user interfaces for our customers without having restrictions due to run time engine requirements.

Our visit to CERN was one to remember and we have come away inspired and ready to move our technologies onto the next step.