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Industrial IoT

The Industrial Internet of Things offers substantial opportunities for connected enterprise in product development and manufacturing processes.

Industrial IoT

Industrial IoT allows enterprises to monitor and control assets and processes remotely allowing managers, engineers and developers to access data and supporting applications to check on specific systems, schedules, data, etc. at any time and in in-depth detail.  This ability to remotely and rapidly analyse performance and results as well as remotely control or reconfigure capabilities is dramatically reducing development cycles and time to market. At the same time it is delivering new insights and driving rapid and significant perfomance improvements. 

Supporting Digital Transformation

IIoT offers greater control, analysis and data access whether you are in the next room or the other side of the world.

Our adaptable solutions are scalable to support SMEs with gradual adoption of Industry 4.0 technology. With years of experience in data acquisition, we are able to support your IIoT platform by aggregating data collected by sensors already in situ or deploying additional sensors specific to the required application, for example, legacy assets or to perform additional measurements such as vibration or vision. The real-time data can be shared to the cloud and monitored via a user-friendly web or native app, or integrated into a designated platform.

We are able to build and deploy the right solution for your requirement by deliberately applying a strategy of employing talented engineers with a wide range complementary expertise:


  • Data Acquisition, Signal Processing, Integration
  • Software Engineering: Python, LabView, Veristand, TestStand, Matlab, JavaScript, iOS, 
  • Data Science: Computational Mathematics, Analysis, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning
  • Insights Delivery

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