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It seems that my last post was found by @labview and brought a few visits to this page so I thought I would share an update with you all. The project is still undergoing and I was kind of busy this month but I will try finish this ASAP.

Here are some updates since the last post;

An Arduino controlled stylus now can be controlled by clicking the mouse.

LabVIEW - Motor Control - Austin Consultants Flappy Bird Project

There is a tip that the stylus needs to be earthed (via the red wire) to take affect.

The Flappy Bird game is (poorly) simulated on LabVIEW. So I simulated FB (not facebook!) on LabVIEW to test the Q-learning algorithm in a purely software environment. Now it can pass 5 gaps. The algorithm needs to be altered a bit and then I will integrate the whole things.

LabVIEW - Austin Consultants Flappy Bird Project - SW Simulation

Dr Bo Fu is a Certified LabVIEW Developer and joined the Austin Consultants team in December 2013 as a Systems Engineer. Dr Fu joins us from the University of Nottingham where he completed his PhD and did a Postdoc in Electronic Engineering, developing a high-speed dynamic-sampling camera and a real-time control spatial light modulator. You can read more of his LabVIEW updates on his blog.